Why Choose Group Therapy

Why choose groups and not individual therapy

Why Choose group and not individual therapy?

Groups allow:

Social Support: Group therapy provides a supportive and empathetic environment where individuals can share their experiences, struggles and successes with others who can relate to their challenges. This sense of belonging and connection reduces the feelings of isolation.

Diverse perspectives: in a group setting participants come from various backgrounds and experiences. This diversity allows individual to gain insights and perspectives they might not have otherwise considered, fostering personal growth and understanding.

Feedback and Validation: Members of a therapeutic group can offer safe respectful, encouraging, supportive and pragmatic feedback which can be empowering. This leads to increased self awareness and confidence and feelings of self worth. Normalising experiences helps to support the realisation that you are not alone, helping to reduce reactions of self blame, self loathing and fear.

Learning from others: observing how others handle similar challenges and seeing their progress can be inspiring.  Leading to recognition that you are part of something bigger than yourself.

Safe Environment for Social Interaction: for individual with any kind of social anxiety the therapy group offers a controlled and supportive environment to practice your social skill and ability to put voice to the feeling experience,

The idea of these groups is to demystify some of the real concerns and worries about what your life will unfold in the coming days, months and years. Women were never meant to hide their menopause away from others or to face menopausal change alone. We are never more part of a group than when we are experiencing one stage or other of menopause, that is because at any one time  around one third or 13 million of the entire uk female population are menopausal.  That’s one hell of a group.

How to book

Each Group

Maximum 7 Members




Open ended

Each session

90 minutes


£30 per session