Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Anyone on the path of menopause already knows the unpredictability of the menstrual cycle. This is due to irregular ovarian activity as well as variations in our hormones. You will also know that these hormone variations effect our thinking mind, as well as the way life is experienced as a result of that thinking. These hormonal shifts also create a change in energy levels in our feeling body which effects what feels might feel possible for us to achieve day to day.

Without a doubt this can alter the way we experience our present life. These shifts can alter the way we view our world and relationships. The way we think, the way we feel, and can have such a profound effect on our decision making about life and relationships, the effect of which will ricochet well into our future lives.

I know that when I was going through my perimenopausal stage I made some staggeringly unwise decisions. I have wondered how things may have been different if I had had someone in my life to help me negotiate the twist and turns of my journey. To challenge me on the choices I made on my journey to find sanity in a madness I made worse. I have found new ways of expressing and experiencing life since my menopause and subsequent post menopause, and I put this down to becoming more conscious, more open, more patient and accepting to what life brings. Knowing that I don’t need to control everything but strangely I have lost the need to do so.

The following suggestions that I have in this post therefore may surprise you as in a way I am suggestion that you make a note of your menstrual cycle. Noting your menstrual cycle is not so much about being in control but more about feeling less out of control. Or as I prefer to say will allow you to become more conscious of what the hell is happening to you.

What do I mean by becoming more conscious of your decisions? Well on a very practical level it’s like checking the weather before rushing out without an umbrella when a storm is forecast, or indeed deciding to stay at home instead.

Menstrual cycle awareness allows you to prepare for changes in your own weather system. Seen from this perspective you can see yourself as aligning with nature and you become the force with and in tune with it. You become the ebb and flow of all that arises in nature without resistance to it, looking at how you work with it without resistance but with equanimity and acceptance when your hormones give you unexpected surprises.

Tracking your cycle means that you can make more conscious informed choices when putting times and dates in the diary. Of course, not all events can be organised in this way, you will have responsibilities and demands upon your time that go beyond yourself but what we are talking about here are the decisions about dates and times that are down to you.

Tracking your cycle empowers you to make conscious, informed choices when scheduling events. While some commitments are beyond our control, managing your own time allows for greater autonomy. Beyond appointment-making, cycle awareness informs decisions about food choices and alcohol intake. Recognising when to prioritise self-care over social outings can profoundly impact your well-being, preventing irritability, fatigue, and low mood.

Utilising your menstrual cycle as a communication tool, even amidst irregularities, offers numerous benefits. Observing changes in thoughts, feelings, flow, and symptoms provides valuable insights. For example, incorporating anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric can alleviate period-induced pain. Monitoring energy levels, mood swings, and behaviours helps identify patterns and establish supportive routines.

Ultimately, menstrual cycle awareness fosters a deeper connection with oneself, guiding decisions rooted in self-nurturing and love. By embracing the fluctuations of our bodies, we navigate life with greater harmony and balance.

So what’s stopping you, you can start today by downloading one of the many menstrual cycle apps. Make friends with your body, listen to what it wants to communicate to you become its lover, its friend.

With Love