The Heroine’s Journey

I want to share my reflections on menopause and its profound, transformative power. The story Hero’s Journey is a useful template to use and one that I have used to develop my menopause groups. Menopause is not merely a biological milestone but a vital phase that enriches a woman’s life, making it fuller and more meaningful. I’ve drawn much of my inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, adapting it into what I call the ‘Heroine’s Journey.’

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Menstrual Cycle

Anyone on the path of menopause already knows the unpredictability of the menstrual cycle. This is due to irregular ovarian activity as well as variations in our hormones. You will also know that these hormone variations effect our thinking mind, as well as the way life is experienced as a result of that thinking. These hormonal shifts also create a change in energy levels in our feeling body which effects what feels might feel possible for us to achieve day to day.

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Menopause and HRT

As we embark on our discussion of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), it’s essential to recognise the profound impact that psychotherapeutic interventions can have on supporting women during the menopausal transition. Beyond the medical aspects of HRT, psychological support is crucial for navigating the emotional and mental challenges that often accompany this phase of life.

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